The book is a story within its self however, I borrowed many excerpts from two of my others novels, Cast a Dark Shadow and Cousin, Relatively speaking both are non-published books. Connor, on his way to work one morning, decided to take a different route. While driving through the back streets he came upon a lawn. sale, not necessarily his forte but something different.

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  • Publication date: 2018-04-17
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The story is about Connor’s futile attempt to find Rebecca, who deserted him in their senior year of high school. She literally destroyed his life by sneaking out and hiding in Florida.

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  • Publication date: September 5, 2017
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Two cousins, Carrie and Connor, were born next door to each other and remained that way through high school and beyond.
At the age of nine, a girl named Rebecca (who was the same age as the cousins) was raped and tossed off along the highway.

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  • Publication date: January 26, 2017
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At the age of sixteen, Melissa Montoya struggled through her sophomore year, not academically—she did well in that department. However, she being raised practically alone was forced to work just to make ends meet.

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  • Publication date: April 8, 2016
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The book is about two brothers that move with their parents to a California ranch in an exchange with a neighbor in Oklahoma. The family went to Oklahoma to visit relatives, and the wife refused to return to California, thus the exchange. The brothers witnessed the murder of their parents by three escapees from Yuma Prison, you can seek more information on

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  • Publication date: April 28, 2014
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