The book is a story within its self however, I borrowed many excerpts from two of my others novels, Cast a Dark Shadow and Cousin, Relatively speaking both are non-published books.

Connor, on his way to work one morning, decided to take a different route. While driving through the back streets he came upon a lawn. sale, not necessarily his forte but something different.

There were several rows of item, many types of different merchandise. There were radios, toasters, televisions even a refrigerator, more like a moving out sale than a simple garage sale.

Several tables of old books, Connor like to read and just couldn’t pass by without thumbing through the pages. He came upon one in particular that caught his eye, Cast a Dark Shadow he opened it up and began to read the preface, lot of interesting stuff in there he thought. He noticed the name of the Author C (Mike) Dunaway, never heard of him he declared, however if the content is as the preface says I’ll give it a try.

Connor walked up to the lady attendant, ask her,” how much?” “Fifty cents” She replied. He dug through his pockets, pulled out a hand full of change and handed the nice lady the proper change, thanked her and drove away.

At work Connor left the book in his truck and went inside his shop and started to work. When he got home he tossed the book on the dining room table, went into the kitchen, grabbed a soda from the fridge, went to the living room and flopped down on the couch.

His wife Kitty worked at the courthouse as a court recorder, didn’t get home until six thirty sometimes later depending on the Judge. She passed by the table, went into the kitchen then turned around and returned to the dining room table. It appears she had caught a glance of the book lying there on the table. She too thumbed through the pages. About that time Connor who had dozed off awoke and noticed Kitty flipping pages. He snuck up behind her and surprised her it was like she had been caught with her hands in the old preverbal cookie jar.

Well as it turned out that book would become Connors project he would read his wife to sleep each and every night from cover to cover, like it or not, not could be costly for Connor. Women seem to have all the control when it comes to the bedroom antics.


The story is about Connor’s futile attempt to find Rebecca, who deserted him in their senior year of high school. She literally destroyed his life by sneaking out and hiding in Florida. He meets a woman in her forties that helps him in his search, and after fourteen months, she admits that she had found Rebecca but was hesitant to reveal her secret. She wanted to keep Connor as long as she could. She told him after giving up on the idea of him staying with her that she found out through a beau of vital statistics that Rebecca was married and living in Georgia. Satisfied that he had done all he could, he headed home to reunite with his ex-wife, if she would take him back. With no more Rebecca in his life, he was sure that their marriage would endure.


Two cousins, Carrie and Connor, were born next door to each other and remained that way through high school and beyond.
At the age of nine, a girl named Rebecca (who was the same age as the cousins) was raped and tossed off along the highway. She did well recovering from the trauma; however, she fell far behind in her academics. Carrie found a way to help Rebecca where adults failed.
As more time progressed, Rebecca and Connor fall in love. However, Connor treated her as though she was made of glass, making their relationship difficult at best.
In the book, there are three attempted murders–one by arson, another by poison and blunt-force trauma, and another one as a successful bullet through the brain. There are many twist and turns. When Rebecca finds out who her rapist is and is forced to go before a line up and again faces him in court, to her, it was almost like the rape trauma all over again.


At the age of sixteen, Melissa Montoya struggled through her sophomore year, not academically—she did well in that department. However, she being raised practically alone was forced to work just to make ends meet. At the age of seventeen, she was assaulted and raped. The trauma of the rape lasted for years, but she was resilient and she fought with her demons until she finally overcomes the trauma, as much as it was possible. Some things people never get over being raped.


In-house Book Review

Fast-paced, suspenseful and tragic.
The book begins with a teenage Melissa who’s bright and strong. Her early life is subjected to
surmountable pain, abuse and a myriad of bad choices. Known for her promiscuity and poor taste in
men, she repeatedly falls for the wrong kind. She encounters many struggles in her life but remains
resilient all throughout. In a turn of events, she comes across Ahmad Pasha, the charming foreigner who
easily captured her attention and heart. Fast forward and Melissa lives with Ahmad and has a beautiful
daughter with him. However, things turn out for the worse when she finds out Ahmad’s violent streak.
She eventually comes out with a child custody grant after a series of turmoil in their marriage. Few years
later, Melissa finds comfort in Chuck Wilson, an eighty-two-year-old man, who holds Melissa close to his
heart. As Ahmad’s violence and hatred towards Melissa continues to grow, Chuck intervenes and tries to
save his companion and her child’s life from the hands of a sinister and powerful character.
The author easily hooks the reader by weaving compelling dialogues and witty remarks from the
characters. Each string of event engages the audience and makes them crave for what’s next. I
recommend the book to action and thriller lovers. Those who enjoyed the likes of “Gone Girl” or “Safe
Haven”, and films like “Enough” and “Sleeping with the enemy”, should definitely check this out.
An engaging and provocative page-turner.


The book is about two brothers that move with their parents to a California ranch in an exchange with a neighbor in Oklahoma. The family went to Oklahoma to visit relatives, and the wife refused to return to California, thus the exchange. The brothers witnessed the murder of their parents by three escapees from Yuma Prison, you can seek more information on